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OPTIC Y84 TONIM 44S63 51S74 58W67 59W62 60W56 61W48 61W44 61W40 6W031 60W26 59W18 58W14 57W10 56W06 54W00 W5092 4786W 4482W 4178W W3876 CAR UW109 TILKO
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Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -636fpm)

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Flight Log

[18:27:01utc] You have successfully logged in Clive White.
[18:27:47utc] Your flight to SCEL in a 767 767 Qantas VH-OGU has now been started.
[18:27:48utc] Aircraft boarding In progress
[18:32:08utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[18:32:13utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[18:32:13utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[18:33:41utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[18:33:42utc] Starting Engines
[18:37:37utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[18:45:09utc] Landing lights ON
[18:47:12utc] Detected Take-off roll, WIND 57/1kt
[18:47:49utc] Gear UP, IAS 160kt, GS 167kt, ALT 20ft
[18:47:53utc] Departing YSSY, IAS 169kt, G - Force 1.07g, pitch -9.63deg, bank -0.15deg, VS 52fpm, HDG 347deg
[18:48:34utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 163kt, GS 171kt, VS 866fpm, ALT 1140ft, PITCH -14.9deg, HDG 348deg, TAT 19deg, WIND 55/1kt
[18:52:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 5380ft, IAS 230kt, GS 257kt, HDG 161deg, VS -1352fpm, TAT 9deg, WIND 9/4kt
[18:53:13utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 241kt, GS 266kt, VS 1298fpm, ALT 5170ft, PITCH -7.04deg, HDG 154deg, TAT 10deg, WIND 23/3kt
[18:55:30utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 10010ft
[18:56:04utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 10340ft, IAS 270kt, GS 325kt, HDG 131deg, VS -346fpm, TAT -1deg, WIND 337/7kt
[18:56:16utc] Aircraft level at 10350ft, IAS 287kt, GS 344kt, HDG 131deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 337/7kt
[18:56:34utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 10320ft, IAS 292kt, GS 348kt, HDG 131deg, VS -103fpm, TAT 0deg, WIND 338/7kt
[18:56:46utc] Aircraft level at 10310ft, IAS 288kt, GS 342kt, HDG 131deg, TAT 0deg, WIND 338/7kt
[18:57:01utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 291kt, GS 348kt, VS 3581fpm, ALT 10620ft, PITCH -8.57deg, HDG 130deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 334/7kt
[19:10:02utc] Aircraft level at 28870ft, IAS 292kt, GS 486kt, HDG 132deg, TAT -41deg, WIND 276/45kt
[20:10:12utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 298kt, GS 507kt, VS 69fpm, ALT 29090ft, PITCH -1.8deg, HDG 145deg, TAT -41deg, WIND 285/63kt
[20:10:21utc] Aircraft level at 29090ft, IAS 297kt, GS 505kt, HDG 145deg, TAT -41deg, WIND 284/63kt
[21:11:16utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 28890ft, IAS 302kt, GS 500kt, HDG 141deg, VS -359fpm, TAT -42deg, WIND 261/74kt
[21:11:30utc] Aircraft level at 28880ft, IAS 294kt, GS 490kt, HDG 141deg, TAT -42deg, WIND 261/74kt
[22:23:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 28780ft, IAS 298kt, GS 498kt, HDG 128deg, VS -1104fpm, TAT -40deg, WIND 270/49kt
[22:23:39utc] Aircraft level at 28710ft, IAS 300kt, GS 500kt, HDG 128deg, TAT -39deg, WIND 269/49kt
[23:20:30utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 298kt, GS 482kt, VS 198fpm, ALT 28750ft, PITCH -1.54deg, HDG 118deg, TAT -40deg, WIND 252/34kt
[23:21:33utc] Aircraft level at 28900ft, IAS 298kt, GS 480kt, HDG 118deg, TAT -42deg, WIND 252/35kt
[01:13:11utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 288kt, GS 513kt, VS 273fpm, ALT 28950ft, PITCH -1.72deg, HDG 085deg, TAT -42deg, WIND 281/75kt
[01:14:03utc] Aircraft level at 29120ft, IAS 290kt, GS 517kt, HDG 085deg, TAT -41deg, WIND 281/75kt
[03:41:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 29080ft, IAS 290kt, GS 502kt, HDG 059deg, VS -177fpm, TAT -42deg, WIND 226/58kt
[03:42:40utc] Aircraft level at 28950ft, IAS 289kt, GS 498kt, HDG 059deg, TAT -42deg, WIND 227/57kt
[06:18:43utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 28920ft, IAS 288kt, GS 463kt, HDG 037deg, VS -172fpm, TAT -44deg, WIND 285/57kt
[06:18:55utc] Aircraft level at 28920ft, IAS 286kt, GS 461kt, HDG 036deg, TAT -44deg, WIND 285/57kt
[07:16:59utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 289kt, ALT 28820ft
[07:17:03utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 28750ft, IAS 286kt, GS 408kt, HDG 000deg, VS -1143fpm, TAT -43deg, WIND 296/78kt
[07:21:13utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 275kt, ALT 23640ft
[07:27:28utc] Aircraft level at 15660ft, IAS 267kt, GS 323kt, HDG 008deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 313/24kt
[07:28:00utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 15510ft, IAS 253kt, GS 307kt, HDG 008deg, VS -1190fpm, TAT -14deg, WIND 313/23kt
[07:30:47utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 267kt, ALT 11940ft
[07:32:14utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 9380ft
[07:33:36utc] Aircraft level at 7670ft, IAS 196kt, GS 225kt, HDG 107deg, TAT 2deg, WIND 234/5kt
[07:33:41utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 193kt, ALT 7670ft
[07:34:14utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7600ft, IAS 172kt, GS 198kt, HDG 116deg, VS -291fpm, TAT 4deg, WIND 221/5kt
[07:34:53utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 196kt, GS 218kt, VS 293fpm, ALT 7290ft, PITCH -5.51deg, HDG 179deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 216/5kt
[07:35:18utc] Aircraft level at 7330ft, IAS 201kt, GS 222kt, HDG 177deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 186/5kt
[07:36:07utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 202kt, GS 231kt, VS 108fpm, ALT 7330ft, PITCH -4.42deg, HDG 177deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 19/4kt
[07:36:17utc] Aircraft level at 7330ft, IAS 199kt, GS 229kt, HDG 177deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 4/4kt
[07:36:21utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 198kt, GS 227kt, ALT 7330ft
[07:36:33utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 192kt, GS 220kt, VS 586fpm, ALT 7400ft, PITCH -4.39deg, HDG 177deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 21/4kt
[07:36:54utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7430ft, IAS 200kt, GS 229kt, HDG 177deg, VS -298fpm, TAT 5deg, WIND 28/4kt
[07:37:11utc] Aircraft level at 7410ft, IAS 196kt, GS 224kt, HDG 176deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 33/4kt
[07:37:25utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 7320ft, IAS 201kt, GS 229kt, HDG 176deg, VS -975fpm, TAT 5deg, WIND 43/4kt
[07:42:55utc] Landed at destination SCEL With a landing rate Of -636fpm, TouchDown speed 128kt, G - Force 2g, pitch -9.99deg, bank -0.33deg
[07:43:07utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[07:43:22utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[07:43:51utc] Aircraft taxiing To gate
[07:43:56utc] Landing lights OFF
[07:43:56utc] Landing lights ON
[07:47:07utc] Aircraft at gate/stand, ground services are moving into position, disembarkation has begun
[07:47:27utc] Landing lights OFF
[07:49:34utc] Engine shutdown
[07:51:34utc] Your flight to SCEL is now complete! Duration: 13:23:47 Distance: 6123.4nm
[07:51:34utc] Your landing rate was -636fpm and had a flight performance score of 33%

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